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What is Early Decision? What tests do I need to take to study abroad? When am I ready to click submit? If you have considered studying abroad, then you have probably encountered these questions. Well, we are here to help you answer them! One of AFEX’s primary missions is to make the college application process as seamless as it can be. Understanding the financial and resource constraints present in this process, we find it essential to bring our experience (from almost two decades) to explain this process. We also understand that the internet holds so many resources, sometimes too much. We want to use this medium as a one-stop shop of information from our experts and parsed from the vast array of accredited resources we have gathered over the years. So welcome to this newsletter, where the application process is simplified, questions are answered, and information is readily given, for free. We’re ready to educate you and give you articles on Study Abroad from our archives! Therefore, expect a biweekly newsletter addressing a range of issues from the latest changes in the standardized test world, to the differences between colleges and universities. Subscribe and share the link!

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