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As one of the most accessible and accepted examinations in the world. The test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is used to measure English Language Proficiency. Our intensive five-week course prepares you for these internet-based exams by focusing on the main features of the test, test-taking strategies, exercises, and practice. With the help of our industrious tutors, you will be provided exceptional lessons for the various skills tested on the exams–reading, listening, writing and speaking.


Our SAT prep classes expose students to different techniques that have proven successful in increasing the scores of our students in the Math and Verbal Reasoning section of the test.


Our GRE and GMAT test prep program provides comprehensive group classes to help students achieve their desired scores and gain admission to top graduate schools. Our expert instructors offer tailored lesson plans, practice tests, and personalized feedback to ensure each student is fully prepared for test day. With a proven track record of success, our program has helped numerous students gain admission to prestigious graduate programs around the world. Join our group classes and take the first step towards your academic and professional goals today.


The Secondary School Admission Test is required for high-school bound students in the United States. At AFEX, we provide a well-structured and comprehensive module aimed at preparing students for the test. Our experienced teachers insist on hard work and full cooperation of students. They help to understand verbal concepts (synonyms, analogies and comprehension) and Math concepts needed to excel in the SSAT

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Program Schedules

AFEX Hub programs schedules


  • 2x a week
  • 30hrs of lessons
  • 8 full practice tests

SSAT Preps

  • 10-12 weeks of lessons
  • 3x a week or 1x weekends
  • 160 hrs of lessons
  • 160 hrs of lessons
  • 10-12 full practice tests

SAT Preps

  • 10-12 weeks lesson.
  • 3x a week
  • 15-22 full practice test

SAT Results

AFEX Hub SAT results from our applicants

AFEX Special Program

AFEX Hub special program is designed to bridge the gap in technical and creativity for students

AFEX Writecode Series

As one of the most accessible and accepted examinations in the world. The test of English as a The WriterCODE series is a program designed to bridge the gap in technical and creative writing skills students may have compared to students worldwide. The program would benefit students looking to join STEM-based courses or who want to gain essential skills in our ever-technological world. AFEX has taken note of the rise in technology in all fields, and we have noted that coding is becoming a basic skill in the employment sector. Why creative writing, then? In preparation for study abroad, college and the real world, students should be effective in oral and verbal communication, and our creative writing class aims to do that. AFEX seeks to equip our students with the necessary skills to thrive in the current and ever-changing world.

Objectives of the program

  • To bridge the gap between our student applicants at AFEX and students worldwide.
  • Give students the skills to start/create tech-based projects and kickstart their tech-based careers.
  • Develop essential reading and writing skills

Draft To Done (D2D) Workshop

Afex Hub honours the struggle of students with regard to writing for college and graduate school applications. In light of this writing nightmare encountered by many, Afex aims to assist students in honing their writing skills both creatively and academically so they may thrive in their educational adventures abroad. Centring on the most required skill in students’ application, this workshop will focus on these critical areas in student writing:

  • Supplementary Essay Writing.
  • Statement of Purpose Writing.
  • Personal Statement Writing
  • CV/ Résumé Writing.

Objectives of the program

  • To introduce students to the essentials of application essays.
  • To assist students in the brainstorming and writing stages of the process.
  • To introduce students to concepts of academic writing for graduate school.

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Career Opportunities

At AFEX, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about education for Internships and National Service opportunities.

There are internship opportunities available for students at the AFEX Hub. However, these slots are limited. Applicants should forward their CV or Resume to the AFEX email and follow up on a call to our office line. One can also visit our office for further enquiries.
National Service Opportunities:
AFEX Hub also admits bachelor’s degree holders who look forward to doing their national service as tutors for Verbal and Mathematics. Applicants must demonstrate strong intellectual capabilities in the specific area of application.
Job Opportunities:
There are available slots for individuals who look forward to acquiring job opportunities at the AFEX Hub. There are opportunities for tutors and consultants with a strong skill set in Creative Writing as well. Send your CV to AFEX via email info@afextestprep.com
Follow it up with a call after a week if you still have not received an interview invite from our office.

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